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    Our Oil.

    The quality of the olives is an essential condition to achieve a good oil.

    Cold winters and very hot, dry summers combined with the ideal type of soil, give our oil special properties.

    The arbequina variety’s harvest begins at the end of October, thoroughly monitoring the fruit’s process of maturation, to obtain the most fruity and aromatic oils that remind us of freshly cut grass, with the presence of artichokes, apple and almond, with a spicy touch.

    The grinding is performed a few hours after the harvest. During the whole process, there’s a careful control of the production’s parameters. A slow, gentle grinding for the fruit, a short in-cold stir, a separation by direct centrifugation and a natural decantation in stainless steel deposits before packing.

    A simple process that rewards us with natural olive juice, under the gaze of the mountain of Montmaneu.

    Aresté Teixidó


    It’s an oil with a high fruity intensity, green and very aromatic with a reminiscent to almond, artichoke and tomato. Slightly bitter and a bit spicy.

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    Aresté Teixidó


    It’s an extra virgin olive oil, that comes from organic farming under the Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPAE) regulations. Oil 100% of the Arbequina variety.

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    Aresté Teixidó


    It’s a sweet and balanced oil. Ideal for cooking; frying, stir-frying and stews. It’s also suitable for the making of desserts, mayonnaise, aioli and all kinds of sauces.

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